Angus Choice Hanger Steak (10oz) (21 Days Wet Aged)

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This cut of beef is prized for its flavor and tenderness. You would almost compare it to having the tenderness of filet mignon with the flavor of a new york.

In the past it was commonly called the " butchers steak" because the butcher would keep it for himself rather than offer it for sale. A perfect cut for marinating and grilling.

This premium steak is hand portioned and trimmed from beef that has been wet aged for a minimum of 21 days.

The resulting product is a more tender steak with a deeper and richer beef flavor.Perfect for the grill and the pan.

All of our products are sourced from reputable suppliers that are 3rd party audited for  husbandry and welfare practices as well food safety and processing standards.

Where possible we try to source as much of our product as close to home as possible.

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